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people through text messaging.



15 Million

Text messages sent every minute of each day

3 minutes

Time on average users take to read a text message


Of people prefer offers to be sent via text.

Client Story - Bad Bunny x100Pre

Developed a Digital Experience for Check-In at the BadBunny Concert.

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    Lead Generation

    Generated 3k leads in an hour.

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    Custom Digital Experiences

    Developed a Mobile Digital Experience used during the 100pre Concert of BadBunny.

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    Customer Engagement

    This experience allowed the influencer to interact with their followers in a meaningful way.

Our Services

We offer customer centric services which allow your brand to have higher engagement and better quality leads


Lead Generation

Collect better leads for your business with the use of all the needed channels, from SMS to chatbots.


Customer Research

Build interactive conversations that connect with your customer and allow you to get the answers you need.


Customer Engagement

Deliver notifications to your customers through high engaging channels like SMS.

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